Admission Exams

Topics and requirements of the doctoral admission exam

Study programme: P6101 Philosophy
Study field: Philosophy 6101V004
Language of instruction: English
Mode of study: full-time
Length of study, academic title: 3 years, Ph.D.

A doctoral degree is the most advanced study achievement based on independent research. It is not only a continuation of the Master programme, but independent higher study that qualifies the student for research work in philosophy in both a local and international context. The key outcome of the study is original research elaborated in the dissertation thesis, research that develops and enriches philosophy as a discipline. The study primarily promotes the students’ own research activities (publications, conference presentations, research grants), but students are also encouraged to participate in the academic activities of the department, such as teaching. 

The starting point of the doctoral study is the Research Proposal that applicants submit with the application. Applicants choose the research topic individually but it is advisable that they approach and consult with their prospective supervisor. The Research Proposal formulates a clear topic for the dissertation thesis and its methodology and lists basic bibliography. 

Doctoral study follows an individual study plan that determines the particular study requirements. From the outset, the doctoral program is based on the intensive cooperation between students and their supervisors. Apart from the members of the Department of Philosophy, several researchers from the Institute of Philosophy of Czech Academy of Sciences offer their supervision.   

Research and teaching at the Department of Philosophy covers most areas of philosophy, but we have particular expertise in the following research areas:

Moral philosophy
Political philosophy
Ancient philosophy
Philosophy of education and philosophical Comeniology
History of Czech philosophy 

Admission requirements 

1) Applicants will ordinarily have a Master’s degree in philosophy. In exceptional cases the admission committee can accept Master’s level graduation in another discipline but only if the relevance can be shown. Applicants are required to attach certified documents concerning their university education, including an academic transcript, to the application form. In cases where an applicant is due to graduate after the deadline for submitting applications, these documents must be submitted by the commencement date (usually October 1st) at the latest. All required documents which are not originally in Czech or English must be translated into one of these languages and the translation must also be certified.

2) All applicants must have excellent knowledge of spoken and written academic English. The admission interview will be conducted in English.

3) The applicants should submit a Research Proposal (1500-2000 words) outlining their future doctoral dissertation. It should formulate a clear research problem, and proposed methodology, as well as the basic sources and bibliography relevant to the topic. (The bibliography is not included in the word count.) It is advisable that the applicants explain their prior acquaintance with the subject. They can also attach the list of their own publication or presentation activities.  

Documents and information to be submitted with the application form: 
1. Certified copy of Master’s diploma. 
2. Academic transcript.
3. Names and contact details of two academic referees.
4. Name of the preferred supervisor.
5. Research Proposal. 
6. (Optional) A list of publications and presentations.

The above documents should be submitted as attachments to the application form (see below). The examining committee will evaluate these documents and invite selected applicants for an interview. It is preferable that applicants attend the admission interview in person but, in exceptional cases and for candidates from outside of Europe, it can be conducted via video conference. Shortlisted candidates from Europe who wish to be considered for an exception should make this known at the earliest possible date in order to allow for appropriate arrangements to be made.

It is not possible to accept the applicant if there is no available supervisor for the proposed project of study. The examining committee will decide on the outcome of the admission exam by vote and will decide on the ranking of the applicants. The total number of students who will be accepted to the doctoral study programme on the basis of their achieved ranking may vary for each academic year depending upon program circumstances and upon the numbers of applicants who are deemed to have achieved the required standard.

It is necessary to submit the application with all the required attachments either on the standard form or electronically (here). For details about the application form and necessary documents see here

Deadline for application: 31st May 2018
Interviews (approx.): end of June 2018
Decision: mid July 2018
Start of study: beginning of October 2018