About department

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Pardubice was formed on the 1st of January 2010 out of a combined Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy that had been founded a decade earlier in 2000. The Department of Philosophy provides teaching in philosophy at the following levels: 

During their studies students become acquainted with the core problems of philosophy and special emphasis is placed upon philosophical questions relating to ethics, education, politics and science. Within this framework students follow the history of ideas from antiquity through to contemporary philosophy. The Socratic tradition, Kantian philosophy, philosophical comeniology, hermeneutics and phenomenology form the central areas of interest. 


The students are trained to engage in systematic and conceptually precise consideration of major philosophical questions concerning knowledge and human life. Reliance is placed upon the time-proven method of critical work with texts and both oral and written discussion. Training in the relevant skills is a particular focus of the seminars. 

The overall aim is to introduce students to our lively philosophical heritage and to provide an understanding of human existence in the world that differs significantly from that provided by various sciences. Since, in most domains of human practice, there is growing dominance of specialisation, there is also a need to provide a deeper mode of thought, one that is well anchored with respect to life as a whole – and that is the task of philosophy. Philosophy is not concerned with progress and empirical results, but deals with basic question that have in some respects remained the same from antiquity to the present.