State Final Exams

The subject areas of the Master state final exam: 

  • History of philosophy with respect to political thinking
  • Phenomenology
  • Philosophical Comeniology

Defence of the Master dissertation 

Form of examination:
For the oral exam, the student prepares 4 topics that have to cover the whole scale of the final exam subject areas (i.e. there will be two topics in one of the subject fields and there will be one in each of the others). Every topic has to include a title, short summary and bibliography which the student uses in discussion and thinking about the topic. 

The topics must not match the topic of the dissertation. The considered proposals of the topics are to be submitted for approval to the head of the department two months before the date of the exam at the latest. The examination committee will then choose one or two of the submitted topics to be presented. 

The examination takes 1 hour including the defence of the dissertation.