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PhDr. Vlastimil Zátka, CSc.

Phone:  +420 466 036 625
Location: 05 013, building G

PhDr. Vlastimil Zátka, CSc. born in Prague 1946. From 1969 to1974 studied at the Charles University in Prague  Philosophy (major) and History .From 1976 to 1990 a worker in the Documentary department of the Institute for Philosophy and Sociology of the Czechoslovac Academy of Sciences.From  1990 until now a reseach worker of the Institute for Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Sciences. In his research work is interrested in the history of philosophy, especially of the British and German philosophy of the 18.and 20.centuries. Now is teaching at the Department of philosophy of the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Pardubice philosophical aestetics (Kant, Schiller, Hegel) and hermeneutics (Heidegger,Gadamer, Ricoeur).

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