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CE - New publications

New publications by the Centre members

Niklas Forsberg, "Thinking about a Word - Love, for Example", in Metaphilosophy 48 (2017): 30-46.
Christopher Cordner, "Justice and Unconditional Valuing in Nietzsche’s Genealogy", in The Philosophical Forum 48 (2017): 49-67.
Ondřej Beran, "The Role of the Private in Inter-Gender Misunderstanding", in Organon F 24 (2017): 142-165.
Joseph Wiinikka-Lydon, "Moral Injury as Inherent Political Critique: The Prophetic Possibilities of a New Term", in Political Theology 18 (2017): 219-232.
Niklas Forsberg, "Iris Murdoch on Love", in Grau - Smuts (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Love.
Ondřej Beran, "Misunderstanding the Talk(s) of the Divine", in Sophia 56 (2017).
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