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CE Launch Workshop: Situating the Human

Centre for Ethics as Study in Human Value

Launch Workshop

Situating the Human

26-28th September 2017
University of Pardubice, historical building (square Čs. Legií)

The intention is for the workshop to look at our shifting ways of understanding and situating a sense of the ethical importance of our humanity. The papers will range over familiar issues such as regard or disregard for the humanity of the other, love and affective response, the value of the other, and the difference between personal and broader socio-political responses to our shared human predicament or condition. Consideration will also be given to the emergence of posthuman discourses and to the ways in which familiar assumptions about the human have been challenged (in, for example, environmental and animal ethics) through critiques of anthropocentrism. There are no ‘tradition’ restrictions to analytic or continental and cross-over papers drawing from more than a single tradition are welcome.

Inaugural Lecture:
'Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline' by Raimond Gaita
(University of Melbourne/University of Pardubice)

Invited speakers to include:
Christopher Hamilton (King’s College London)
Christian Maurer (University of Lausanne)
Catherine Rowett (University of East Anglia)
Naomi Scheman (University of Minnesota)



For further information or registration please contact Ondřej Beran ( Attendance is free of charge.



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