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Colloquiums on the Modalities of the Good

Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in association with the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Charles University in Prague are pleased to announce

5th Colloquium on the Modalities of the Good

14th – 16th July 2016

Prague, Czech Republic

Programme here

The fifth Colloquium on the Modalities of the Good continues the effort began in 2009: to create space for conversation between thinkers of broadly speaking Platonic tradition in ethics, and to open it to the philosophical public. The tradition, with its commitment to absolute value and to the irreducibility of the central ethical concepts, is marked also by the belief that their recognition involves a complex cooperation between thought and emotions such as love, joy or remorse. Internal to these concerns, and thus to the tradition itself, is the problem of how to approach them: of the relation between the what and the how in philosophical, particularly ethical, thinking. Reflection about the give-and-take between the substance and the method goes back to Socrates’ and Plato’s exploration of the philosophical dialogue. It characterises not only thinkers who acknowledge their kinship to Plato, such as Kierkegaard or Simone Weil, but also some who do not, such as Wittgenstein. Contemporary ‘Platonic’ tradition, associated in English-speaking philosophy with the names of Roy Holland, Iris Murdoch, Peter Winch, Rai Gaita or Cora Diamond, is marked by this dual concern, and the Colloquium thematises to an equal extent the problem(s) of ethics, of thinking about ethics and of ethical thinking. For those same reasons, the Colloquium is emphatically a col-loquium: a conversation about issues of shared interest, offered for discussion by the speakers, rather than a forum for presenting ‘finished’ results. 

Speakers and invited participants:

●  Marina Barabas: The Beginning of Action
    (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic)
●  David Cockburn: Personal, Impersonal and 1st -Personal
    (University of Wales, Lampeter)
●  Christopher Cowley
    (University College Dublin)
●  Alice Crary: Seeing in the Margins: On the Ethics and Politics of Sight
(The New School)
●  Lars Hertzberg: Ethics as We Talk It
    (Åbo Akademi University)
●  David Levy: Goodness and the Good
    (University of Edinburgh)
●  Hallvard Lillehammer: What do I Owe? Moral Responsibility and Circumstantial
(Birkbeck College, University of London)
●  Kamila Pacovská: Loving Contemplation: Wonder or Judgment?
(University of Pardubice)
●  Lynette Reid: Peter Winch on Punishment: From Individual Expression to Political Legitimacy
    (Dalhousie University)
●  Katrien Schaubroeck (University of Antwerp) & Hans Maes (University of Kent):
    They Can’t Take that Away from Me: On Art, Love and (Moral) Reasons
●  Carolyn Wilde
    (University of Bristol)

Organisers: Marina Barabas, Christopher Cowley
Venue: Academic Conference Centre, Husova 4A, Praha 1.
For registration please e-mail Marina Barabas ( as soon as possible since capacities are limited. Final date of registration is 31st June 2016. Attendance is free of charge. Colloquium language: English

Past Colloquiums:

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